Modernity. Functionality. Sensitivity. Essential concepts of the architecture that represents us.

It is from the dynamic and integral relationship with our clients that our projects grow, are enriched and acquire identity. Their dreams and ideas are the engine that powers our creations.

Our goal: to create multi-sensory spaces that are your own, unique and enjoyed.

Our dream: that habitating inside our spaces turns into a journey through your emotions, provoking and finding you.

We are represented through modernity, understood as a refined look, where less is more; and by the choice of noble materials, curated for both their aesthetic and sustainable contribution.

We’re driven by: innovation, the essence of a space, its details, combining warm tones with modern style, to create exclusive and unique spaces.

We feel our trade is like that of the old tailors; our work is custom-made

Sole + Vero

Verónica Gerszkowicz
FADU, UBA Architect

  • 1985-1993: Estudio Artesanal College director
  • 1991: : Teacher of “Introduction to project knowledge” and “Introduction to project practice” university subjects (FADU, UBA)
  • 1991-1992: First-grade assistant teacher of “Architecture theory” university subject (FADU, UBA)
  • 1993-1996: Head of Practical Assignments of “Architecture theory” university subject (FADU, UBA)
  • 1999: Head of Practical Assignments of “Architectural representation” university subject (FADU, UBA)

Soledad Salas
FADU, UBA Architect

  • Graduated with honors (first average)
  • 1996: Architecture V Best Work Award (FADU, UBA)
  • 1998-1999: Teacher of “Design I” and "Architectural representation I” university subjects.